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Form finned "iso-art"

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Form finned dim. 1000x1000 sp. 100, consisting of sound absorbing baffles positioned inclined with respect to its axis and having an air passage area equal to 40%. The module "Isoart" is designed so that it can be placed on existing buildings or in the planning stage, also, if necessary, has a structure of its easy installation.

The module "Isoart" is suitable to solve many problems of noise where it is necessary to pass an air or a ventilation system such as: air conditioners, mufflers, uta, fans shields, etc.

Optional modules can be performed with greater thicknesses, to obtain attenuation up to 20 db.

scm insonorizazione scm insonorizazione

Noise incident noise emitted
from an industrial source detected
at various frequencies Octave

Residual noise: noise level
obtained with the positioning of
Barrier with fins

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