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The outdoor acoustic barriers are architectural soundproofing structures created specifically to deaden extraneous and disturbing noises that come from different sources.

It is fundamental to draft a map of the noise relative to the zone to protect in order to identify the best types and sizes of barriers to use in order to reach the set objectives.

The acoustic barriers that SCM makes are supported in suitable frames fixed at the bases and are preset for the insertion of the damping. The damping may be transparent, made up of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) in different thicknesses depending on the needs, mounted on special frames, or of 100 mm thick modular panels, made from pre-varnished sheet steel containing soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials, protected and kept in place by drilled sheet metal placed 20 mm from the acoustic insulation.

The top of the barriers is normally finished with a special element designed to reduce diffraction at the edges of the sound waves.

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