scm insonorizzazione logo Devices for industrial sound proofing
Soundproofed cabins
Soundproof booths
stainless steel
Acoustic enclosures
on production lines
for large plants
Pulpits soundproofed
for line operators
Acoustic screens for industry
Acoustic screens furniture
Baffles panels
Acoustic barriers
Acoustic barriers
transparent soundproofing
Form finned
Silencers Drains
technical gases
Acoustic insulating panels
window fabricators


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The SCM Soundproofing srl It can rely on a workforce procedure, composed of technicians for the design and by specialized staff for the construction and installation of equipment throughout the World.

The production area which are built the various works acquired, is equipped with various kinds of equipment and advanced technology. There is also a painting plant with internal drying oven dedicated.
For the installation of equipment at our Customers is used special equipment and lifting equipment where necessary.

Our company is now able to serve all sectors of activity: the wood industry in the mechanical, steel industry and the chemical, textile, food, paper up to the energy sector.

Our products are manufactured with the utmost respect of all the norms of law and everyone is granted the instructions for use and maintenance, the certificate of conformity and acoustic testing.

• Soundproofed cabins
• Soundproof booths stainless steel
• Acoustic enclosures on production lines for large plants
• Pulpits soundproofed for line operators
• Acoustic screens for industry
• Acoustic screens furniture worksite
• Baffles panels
• Acoustic barriers soundproofing
• Acoustic barriers transparent soundproofing
• Form finned iso-art
• Silencers drains technical gases
• Acoustic insulating panels window fabricators

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