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SCM INSONORIZZAZIONE has been in the industrial soundproofing sector since 1978, designing, manufacturing and installing soundproof systems for machinery and noisy areas. With its many decades of experience as a manufacturer SCM can deal with every aspect of the problem of noise pollution in all sectors involved.

The process of noise reduction in an industrial area must be the consequence of an in depth study followed by a detailed design that changes from situation to situation. These actions must aim at achieving a correct cost-benefit ratio and at guaranteeing that the original objectives are met. In production areas it is also necessary to focus on protection, and as much as possible, on improving those same production needs.

The technical consultancy services that SCM offers before, during and after installing each of its works, together with the fact that it really works with the Customer, are the best guv arantee to obtain the best final result. The SCM design service technicians are all aware that laws and standards related to this year are constantly evolving, and already take steps during the bidding stage for soundproofing, using a preliminary design stage to schedule everything necessary to satisfy the needs of the Customer.

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