Silencers with sound-absorbing baffles

Acoustic treatment through the installation of silencers with sound-absorbing partitions, to be installed directly on the noise source (for example evaporative towers), with the purpose of returning acoustically within the limits of municipal zoning in the event of disputes with the neighborhood housing.

The septa silencers are made by means of sound-absorbing panels in folded galvanized sheet containing sound-absorbing, incombustible and rot-proof materials unaltered over time, protected by dust-proof glass-cloth and held in place by perforated, galvanized iron sheet.

Inside the silencers there is a series of sound-absorbing partitions made with a perforated galvanized sheet metal enclosure containing sound-absorbing materials, positioned at a regular distance between centers and at a distance of about 600mm from the fans to allow the correct air flow.

The sound absorbing baffle silencers are also equipped with special supports (galvanized profile columns) designed to support their weight, without affecting the structures of the work to be treated acoustically.

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