Acoustic consultations

SCM Insonorizzazione S.r.l. has internally developed an industry dedicated to the design, in order to serve the customer with appropriate solutions that also addresses the problem of noise without adequate technical support.

The answer to the problem of noise has always led to SCM Insonorizzazione S.r.l. the development of a preliminary draft with the acquisition of sound measurements essential initial order to ensure the acoustic performance of the final objective of the intervention.

The company has a research center equipped with an acoustic laboratory with equipment for the simulation of specific environmental scenarios.

We are also able to write up by competent technicians in environmental acoustics:

  • Relations acoustic climate, passive acoustic requirements, environmental noise impact;
  • Environmental acoustics, with the elaboration of the Plans of acoustic zoning, noise monitoring and noise abatement;
  • Evaluation of acoustic impact and acoustic climate of industrial, commercial, craft and acoustic evaluations of urban transformation;
  • Simulation of sound propagation in the external environment with the acquisition and the use of specific software for acoustic propagation realizing isolevel noise maps for entire towns, roads and city districts;
  • Relations noise exposure of workers;
  • Projects acoustic correction for public;
  • Study on reverberant environment;
  • Study of the environmental remediation solutions for emissive and production departments for industrial and outdoor environments;
  • Evaluation of acoustic impact forecast;
  • Assessments of predictive acoustic climate;
  • Evaluation of acoustic impact;
  • Measures in place and evaluation of passive acoustic requirements;
  • Analysis of the acoustic characteristics of environments and correcting them for the attainment of optimal values of Tr (for schools, restaurants, meeting rooms, canteens etc.);
  • Photometric measurements for verification;
  • Certifications phonometric naval;
  • Testing sound on plant and machinery;
  • Projects soundproofing – Realizations of projects Soundproofing.

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