Soundproof cabins on production lines for large plants

Soundproof cabins designed and built to acoustically insulate medium and large noisy systems and lines. They are made with metal supporting structures, which can be completely dismantled, so as to facilitate any maintenance operations on the production lines.

They can also be equipped with mezzanines and stairs to access the various floors of the cabin in order to access parts of the soundproofing production plants. The collision is made using pre-packed panels of different thicknesses and compositions, designed according to the type of noise present.

The cabins are equipped with doors with predisposition for safety microswitches, large visual areas consisting of special windows and various types of systems: ventilation, air conditioning, lighting. The cabins SCM Insonorizzazione S.r.l. they are designed according to the sector, to isolate production lines in the mechanical, wood, rubber and paper industries.

They are also specifically designed for the chemical, food and wine industries. The soundproof cabins on production lines for large systems are made in every part in compliance with the standards and laws in force and are accompanied by certifications.

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